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Why Stephenville Equine Sports Medicine?

SEQSM offers horse owners the experience they desire when looking for equine veterinary care. As horse owners and rodeo enthusiasts, the veterinarians and staff understand the needs of both the equine athlete and their caretakers & exhibitors. From personalized, friendly service to cutting-edge equipment and facilities, SEQSM provides the answer to equine veterinary care in Stephenville.Why Stephenville Equine

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you make farm/ranch calls?

Yes we do, please call the office to schedule and appointment.

Do you provide after hours emergency care?

Yes. 24 hour and 7 days a week care is available. Call 254-968-7376 to reach Dr. Dorris.

Can you help with prepurchase examinations?

Yes, Dr. Dorris is very experienced in providing expert level prepurchase evaluation in horses of all disciplines.

Do you have an imaging center?

Yes, SEQSM provides cutting edge imaging with digital radiography and ultrasound

Do you provide regenerative therapy- stem cells, IRAP, PRP, etc?

Yes, SEQSM provides many types of regenerative therapy to get your horse sound and back out on the road.