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Patients are seen Monday-Friday at our clinic just north of Stephenville, Texas or can be arranged on your farm. Service areas include Hico, Dublin, Weatherford, Granbury and Hamilton in addition to local horses in Stephenville.

Equine Veterinary Services

Lameness  Exams  

Stephenville Equine Sports Medicine specializes in lameness exams & pre-purchase exams. As horse owners and competitors, we understand the importance of keeping your horse sound and on the road. We also are very familiar with the buying process and the need for a clinically astute, unbiased opinion on the health and soundness of your new prospect. You can trust the staff at SEQSM to have your best interest and the interest of the horse’s health in mind at every visit. We strive to provide you with excellent, cutting edge equine veterinary care the right way every time.

Dr. Dorris provides therapeutic joint injections, mesotherapy, Sacroiliac (SI) injections and Whorl bone injections to keep our patients in top athletic form.  Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy is also available to manage ligament injuries and other orthopedic soundness issues. For severe injuries in our most competitive patients, SEQSM Regenerative Therapy Center is able to apply the sciences of stem cell therapy, IRAP, PRP to provide the ultimate opportunity for healing.


We all hate to get sidetracked from what we love doing- whether that be roping or racing, time out is not part of the plan. As competitors themselves, Dr. Dorris knows that finding out what is wrong is more important than just being able to inject a bunch of joints on your horse. We work to get an answer and then tailor a treatment program just for that problem. Equipped with trained eyes and hands, high-tech imaging such as thermography, computed radiology and ultrasound and full service in house lab work, SEQSM is adept at pinpointing subtle problems and getting your horse onto the road to recovery.


Horses require annual dental examinations and floating for proper digestion and also to keep them comfortably engaged in the bit. Dentistry is a key part of keeping your horse healthy and sound and SEQSM excels at providing a range of equine dental services including annual floats, wolf teeth extractions, cap removals, managing malalignments and malocclusions and even TMJ injections.

Preventive Care

A busy year on the road means constant exposure to viruses, bacteria, and parasites that can put your horse under the weather and out of the competition. SEQSM provides a full range of vaccinations that are tailored to your needs along with assisting you in developing a parasite control program.


Dr. Dorris provides elective and emergency surgery services.  ensures the latest procedures and techniques are provided for each surgical case. SEQSM offers surgery for colts/stallions (castrations), Caslick’s procedure, laceration repairs, skin grafts, minor orthopedic procedures and hoof capsule surgery.